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Abhi Shetty


Abhi Shetty has come to NZ with a wealth of knowledge in the orthodontic field.

His role is currently the Clinical Director in Orthodontics for Auckland Family Dental.


In India, Abhi graduated with his Bachelor of Dental Surgery in 2002 and earned his master’s degree in Orthodontics from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Science in 2006. He has completed his fellowship in neuromuscular orthodontics and Ganthology from ICNOG, Italy in 2016 and master’s course in neuromuscular orthodontics and Ganthology from UJI University, Spain in 2020. 


Abhi has worked as a consultant orthodontist in Dubai and Kuwait for the past 6 years (2014-2020). Abhi also pursued advanced training at Growth orthodontics in New Zealand for nearly 5 years. While undergoing training he has completed his residency program on Advanced controlled arch technique, Advanced diagnosis, and treatment planning, TMJ and neuromuscular orthodontics. Abhi retains membership at the World federation of Orthodontists (WFO) and Indian Orthodontic Society (IOS)


He has also undergone special training in treating patients using ORTHOTROPIC PHILOSOPHY where he believes that for a normal growth and development of the face and jaws are mainly dependent on correct oral posture i.e., tongue resting against palate, lips sealed, breathing from nose and teeth in or nearly in contact.

He believes that most of the malocclusion/irregularities of the teeth can be treated

by non- extraction or non-surgical if we attain them as early as possible.


Abhi specializes in treating children as young as 5 years of age with preventive and interceptive orthodontics and adults’ patients as old as 65 years of age with invisible or fixed metal/clear braces.


Abhi is well versed with the following techniques


  • Aligners for adults and kids

  • 3D treatment planning and in office manufacturing of aligners

  • Advanced Controlled Arch Technique (Non extraction and non-surgical method)

  • Paediatric Orthodontics (Start from age 5)

  • Lingual orthodontics (WIN SYSTEM)

  • Self-Ligating system

  • Ceramic/clear braces

  • Social 6 smile (braces for 4-6 months/Aligners)

  • Adult Orthodontics (Upto 65 years)

  • Modified Myofunctional Appliance

  • Jaw Orthopaedic

  • Active Removable and Indirect Bonding

  • Custom made snoring appliances

  • TMJ orthotic appliances

  • Begg Technique and Combination

  • Depigmentation and bleaching by using Diode laser

  • Frenectomy and Gingivectomy with Diode laser

  • Treatment of snoring by laser

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