Here at the Drury Dental, we have dentists who are experienced with kids.
We understand that finding a family dentist your child trusts isn’t easy.

Children can often feel uncertain or uncomfortable when a dental appointment comes around and will try anything to get out of it.

We strive to make children feel as comfortable and secure as possible, treating them with respect and reassuring them about the procedures being undertaken.

This approach has helped develop a reputation as the kids dentist Auckland can rely on.

Should you be having trouble getting your child to the dentist bring them in to see one of our lovely dentists  and let us show you why we consider ourselves to be the best dentist for children Auckland wide.

Children that Year 8 or below, are funded only if there is a referral from the dental therapist / oral health therapist or ARDS (Auckland Regional Dental Service) for the recommended treatment.

Any other treatment apart from the referral will be private.

Dental injuries are covered by ACC in New Zealand. You will need to fill a form prior to the consultation.

Note : There will be a surcharge (check with our receptionist) if the treatment is after working hours (includes weekend).

Surcharges also apply if it is a complex case to manage or treat.